Why is this site here? 

This site is here not only out of some crazy concept of mine that I deserve a ton more work than I already have, but also because I hope it will fulfill the requirements of ISE 298, Master's Project, at San Jose State University. Yes, it's yet another student project. And no, I didn't spam comp.human.factors for the idea, either.

Any links to commercial pages are solely for your edification; I have no connection with those consultancies or vendors or whatever. Caveat emptor.

If you have any questions about the Master's program in Industrial and Systems Engineering at San Jose State University, check out http://www-engr.sjsu.edu/ for more information.

I hope to have this site housed on the home page for the Silicon Valley Ergonomic Institute (SVEI) someday. And, maybe maintaining the site can be a nifty project for some other student down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this site 

Lots of the entries aren't completed. When are you going to update the site?

Well, a lot of the pages were last touched more than two years ago, a few months after I got this job at a little startup company in Mountain View. And, as they say, every year working at an Internet company is like seven real years, and I just didn't have time to work on this site. But, I'm working on it again. Finally.

Your site is so..."1996". Why no graphics?

That's because it is a "1996" site. Frames were way cool back then, remember? We'll work on content first, then design.
Plus, given that lots of hits come from Europe, fewer graphics makes the site more bandwidth-friendly.

All of the "Click on the following links for more information" links aren't there. What's up with that?

I've been adding links and references to the Bibliography, and will transfer them to each individual article at a later time. It's been easier to compile them in one document--now that the Bibliography's getting a bit big, having the references in each article makes more sense.
Thanks for stopping by, and please send me feedback!



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