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Education Evaluation 

What is it?

A reader from Australia inquired about several methodologies that I had never heard of before. So, I went out looking for information about the following methods: Here's what I found.

Stake, Stufflebeam, and Scriven, oh my!

These three models are often mentioned in the same breath; at least, I found them mentioned on the same web page. All are various methodologies used to evaluate education/training programs and curricula.

Stufflebeam's model is also known in some circles as the CIPP model, where CIPP is an acronym for Context, Input, Process, and Product.

Action Research

Action research is another methodology that comes from the world of education evaluation. It seems most similar to several participatory evaluation methods from the usability world. Bob Dick, from the Psychology department of Australia's University of Queensland, describes it thusly:
Action research consists of a family of research methodologies
which pursue action and research outcomes at the same time. It
therefore has some components which resemble consultancy or
change agency, and some which resemble field research.
See Bob's article, and the resources listed below, for more information.

Who can tell me more?

Click on any of the following links for more information:

Dick, Bob, A Beginner's Guide to Action Research, online web page at: Great introduction to action research.

Gabel, Dorothy, An Introduction to Action Research, online web page at Another great primer on action research.

Giordano, Victoria, Evaluation in Instructional Systems Development, online web page at Victoria discusses instructional systems development models and their corresponding evaluation methodologies, including the Stake, Stufflebeam, and Scriven models. Her bibliography cites some of the works listed below.

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University of Michigan Action Research Resources page, online web page at Great list of links to information on action research.

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